Fundraising Ideas and Resources

Wanting to plan a fundraiser to help support Why Can’t We Feed Everyone (WCWFE) but not sure exactly how? Fundraising for WCWFE couldn’t be easier!


Third-Party Event Fundraising

Third-Party Events are a great way for the community to help support the vital work that we do. A third-party event is a fundraiser or donation drive where you run the show. We are always available to help provide guidance and information, but generally WCWFE would have little to no involvement. The time and effort that you put into your event will benefit the thousands of people we help each year by getting more food into the hands of the missions and shelters across Ottawa that need it most. No matter how large or small, your contribution will make a big difference to us!


Success Tips:

Your event is what you make it, so have fun with it! Here are some steps to assist in your coordination:

Step 1: Choose your fundraising event idea
Step 2: Pick a date/time of the event
Step 3: Create a budget
Step 4: Create a work plan and set deadlines for tasks
Step 5: Decide how many volunteers you’ll need to help you
Step 6: Promote your event


Need some ideas?

Here are some great ideas for a fundraising event, no matter how big or small of an event you are interested in holding:

Auction Bottle Drive Garage Sale
Arts and Crafts Sale Bowling Tournament Golf Tournament
Bake sale Cocktails for a Cause Softball Tournament
Battle of the Bands Benefit Dinner Car Wash Loonie/Toonie Drives
BBQ Concert/Play Run/Walk/Ride
Bingo Night Concession Stand Scavenger Hunt
Book Sale Dinner Party Wii Tournament


We ask that all events being held to support WCWFE be compatible with our mission, vision, and values. To discuss upcoming activities you would like to undertake, please contact us at


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If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
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