About The Organization


Mission Statement

WCWFE provides a delivery service that bridges the gap between local food establishments and Donation Centers. Having direct experience within the Donation Centers, we fully understand what is needed and the challenges involved.

With local support, we know that we can succeed in feeding everyone who needs that helping hand. Together we can feed everyone!


Local Businesses and Restaurants

Our current focus is to create partnerships with local Donation Centers that have roots in the community and are active in helping feed the hungry. Community mission centers and community food banks are doing their part but still need a lot of help. We find that there are a number of eateries and food services that want to help but do not have the resources, means or information to do so.

Most restaurants have leftovers that are discarded daily, imagine we (WCWFE) can help package those foods up and deliver them to places that can still use them. By providing means for these donations, we believe, will assist with costs in the food budget, allowing our community centers to allocate funds elsewhere, such as Hospital care, infrastructure and other social services.


We don’t stop there

We will also be fundraising to help Donation Centers and families directly! We have a great team of passionate individuals whom are very eager to start the fundraising process. We are partnering up with local businesses in order to raise money and awareness in Ottawa and the communities throughout Ontario .

It is imperative to our success to include and empower those who are willing but not able to do for themselves.

With this in mind, WCWFE’s mission is to simply raise money to help those who can’t help themselves and provide a delivery service to help Donation Centers and local establishments bridge the gap, as we truly believe we can FEED EVERYONE!!


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If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
~Mother Teresa~
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